1-800 CONTACTS App Provides Easy, Secure Ordering and Geolocation Services

1-800 CONTACTS has dedicated itself to providing its customers with a hassle-free way to replace their contact lenses. Boasting the largest inventory of contact lenses and a central distribution center keeps costs down, which is passed on to customers. With its all-in-one app, 1-800 CONTACTS has extended its excellent customer service to mobile consumers, providing an easy and personalized contact lens ordering experience.

The app’s best feature is the LensGauge, which reminds users when it’s time to swap out lenses based on a date of your choice. When push notifications are enabled, you have the option to receive reminders to re-order new contact lenses by a specific date, as well as to receive alerts about new promotions

Additional features include a barcode scanner and search capabilities for local eye doctors. With the barcode scanner, you can scan your contact lens box and upload your subscription for an easy re-ordering process. The app’s “Doctor Search” functionality means you can easily find a local eye doctor based on a specific location or name. 

As an incentive to all app users, 1-800 CONTACTS offers free shipping and 5% off all orders made directly through the app itself. Ordering is secure allowing users to scan their credit card with their camera or use PayPal for speedy reorder transactions.

Download the app on iOS and Android today for the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to buy contact lenses.