12 Days of Deals with Mobile Wallet

The holiday spirit has already made its way into commercials, stores and online to remind customers that the holiday season is just around the corner. What used to be Cyber Monday has turned into Cyber Week and the next thing you know, it’ll become Cyber Month.

Competing for your customers' attention during the holiday season can be challenging. Retailers that want to succeed and stand out will need to come up with clever yet cost-effective ways to keep their most loyal customers coming back again and again during the holiday months.

A great opportunity to seamlessly connect and engage with your customers is with a dedicated mobile app. Several communication channels exist within an app, creating multiple powerful marketing opportunities. But what if you don’t have an app or have missed the development window to get your campaign ideas launched in time for the holidays?

Mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet and Android Pay are great alternatives for marketers at both large and small companies alike with opportunities to engage with customers and drive sales. Our Wallet Studio allows brands to quickly create a variety of mobile wallet passes — from event tickets, to gift cards, to offers — all able to be easily updated with customizable fields.

Make your holiday campaigns sparkle with mobile wallet — your customers can stay up to date on the latest offer all from the easy access of their phones. For example, a retailer can spread the holiday cheer by creating a “12 days of deals” (or more!) for customers to share daily offers and drive purchases. With dynamic updatable fields, a single wallet pass can be created rather than 12 individual passes so users don’t have to download a new pass item every day.

A single pass approach allows marketers to expire the current offer after a set period of time — in this case, 24 hours — and update the same pass with the latest daily sale. It also creates a great experience for customers, as they’ll learn to check out the brand’s wallet pass to see the newest content. Your brand can also change out strip imagery and other field information to promote information relevant to the most current offer, or go a step further by choosing RGB/Hex colors to match the pass with your brand identity.

Get more inspiring examples of how you can use our Wallet Studio to better engage with your customers without the need for an app with our Mobile Wallet Inspiration Guide.