How to Build a “12 Days of Deals” Mobile Wallet Marketing Campaign

Consider building a "12 Days of Deals" mobile wallet campaign to claim more surface area on your customers' mobile phones, and drive higher engagement and conversions. Learn more in this post. 

Competing for your customers' attention is tough. Retailers that want to succeed and stand out will need to come up with clever yet cost-effective ways to keep their most loyal customers coming back again and again.

Mobile is a fantastic way to connect with your customers - but what if you don't have an app? Or you want to connect with app users who haven't opted in to push notifications?

Mobile wallet marketing, using passes that live in Apple Wallet, Android Pay and other mobile wallet apps are great alternatives for marketers at both large and small companies alike to grab attention and drive sales.  

(If you're still getting up to speed on mobile wallet marketing, check out our cheat sheet here.)

Building a "12 Days of Deals" Mobile Wallet Campaign

Ideal for the holidays, but great for any time of the year, you can build a mobile wallet coupon campaign by offering a wallet pass that automatically updates to a new deal every day.

When the pass updates, you can send customers a push notification right from the pass to grab attention their attention, and drive urgency and action. 

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You can use the mobile wallet pass on its own, without an app - or reinforce the mobile wallet campaign messaging through your app - in your message center or with in app notifications.

You can even promote the mobile wallet pass through any other channel in your stack, like email, or social marketing ads: your customers can simply click a link to download the coupon pass to their mobile wallet. 


Get in touch any time - we'd love to talk through your next mobile wallet campaign and see how we can help. 

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