5 Billion Notifications Served

Its been just over two years since we started Urban Airship and we continue to see the momentum we had on Day One. Today we’re excited to announce sending our 5 billionth notification, having passed the 1B mark back in September 2010.

The mobile eco-system is just starting to heat up now with the news from HP and Google this past week. All of it highlights the reality that we are officially in the post-PC era that will be dominated by connected devices. Notifications and in-app purchase continue to be table stakes for these platforms and we’re going to continue to lead the way with easy-to-use tools for developers.

Mobile is inherently an intent-driven platform. This means that, more than ever, attention is the key currency. Knowing when your users will respond to notifications, knowing where they are and being able to drip engagement with them over time automagically is the new “search engine optimization.”

We’re also excited about the addition of Dylan Anderson as our CFO to the team here at Urban Airship. Dylan is a talented finance guy and has already had a huge impact on our business. And he has triplets that keep him just as busy at home as he is at the office.

The team of 33 Urban Airshipers is looking forward to some fantastic announcements coming this fall that are going to really going to shake things up around here. Would you expect anything less from us?

Thank you customers. Thank you developers. Thank you team. Up, up and away.

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