6 Reasons You Need Mobile Wallet to Round Out Your Retail Mobile Marketing Strategy

A 2015 Forrester Research, Inc. report found that mobile wallet usage will hit critical mass in the next three years. What opportunities does this present retailers? With mobile wallets, retailers can reach their mobile audience in relevant, compelling and experiential ways.

Mobile wallet is content and information — via Apple Wallet or Android Pay — stored onto a mobile device. Multiple wallet items, or passes, can be housed in each of these ecosystems for consolidated, easy access.

Marketers can benefit from mobile wallet as a net new mobile marketing channel, or to complement their existing app strategy. Your most loyal customers might have your app, but what about all of your other customers who like your brand that don’t have your app? That’s where mobile wallets come in. With mobile wallet, retailers can drive traffic and sales, improve engagement, boost conversion rates all while extending their brand identity.

Here are six ways retailers can implement mobile wallet today:

#1. Reward Your Best Customers

Showcase special events or promotions, such as early access to your big annual sale or VIP- exclusive events, on mobile wallet customer loyalty cards. Create a customized strip image with your latest promotion, such as “VIP Members: Pre-sale event going on now” to drive traffic in-store or online. Link to your website on the back of the pass to take your customers to the desired destination.

#2. Coupons for Everyone

Set up a mobile ad campaign and have viewers download your coupon offer directly onto their smartphones. Your coupon will be stored right there in their Apple Wallet or Android Pay app — it really is just that simple.

#3. Updating Offers

Up to 85% of installed wallet passes are kept on devices and never deleted. This presents a huge ongoing opportunity for retailers to reconnect with customers. With Urban Airship Reach, you can dynamically update passes, expire them at will, set up new campaign teasers to showcase a new offer coming soon and more. Notify users with a change notification, or simply train users to check the pass every week for the latest content.

#4. Loyalty Programs

With Urban Airship Reach, your customers can quickly access and monitor their loyalty rewards. Rewards points can be tracked on the pass itself and it can notify a user when they have a new rewards gift available by customizing their pass.

#5. Gift Cards

Instead of sending a code that can get buried in an email inbox, send a gift card wallet pass via MMS. Configure your pass with fields that can be updated to reflect a customer’s current point/dollar balance and then expire the pass once the amount has been fully used. Pair the pass with location to remind your users to use their gift card when they are near a store location. If you aren’t yet convinced, check out this gift card infographic that outlines the cost savings and other benefits.

#6. Special Events

Use mobile wallet to increase awareness and drive excitement for your in-store event or seasonal sale. Use it to grant special entry for your guests or customers. Create a countdown timer in a field of the pass and update it as the date approaches. Build the anticipation by sending a change notification as the event draws closer.

Wallet = Ongoing Engagement Channel

With mobile wallet, you can create an ongoing engagement channel with dynamic wallet pass updates. It will complement your existing app strategy, or provide an alternative entry point for mobile. Create easy-to-digest content with clickable links, such as URLs, locations and phone numbers — all consolidated within the native wallet experience for iOS and Android devices.

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