A New, More Relevant Era for Push Messaging

This week marks an evolutionary step forward for push messaging with our game-changing product release. The new release arms both marketers and developers alike with real-time mobile marketing automation to deliver more relevant experiences through both our market-leading APIs and our intuitive web interface.

Specifically, we have released several significant capabilities including mobile marketing automation and engagement experience management (powered by our Actions Framework) that include deep links, dynamic segments and landing pages. Urban Airship's mobile marketing automation tools enable you to immediately reach your customers in real-time at key moments in their adoption and use of your app. Trigger messages based on a customer's behavior, precise location, app lifecycle and more. Additionally, you can refine the message delivery by setting delays and frequency limits to govern how quickly and how often a user is reached.

Collectively, the new capabilities will help mobile marketers more easily advance the state of Good Push through deeper, more relevant and more responsive interactions with customers. Deep links liberate developers of busy work and empower marketers to direct their users to relevant content whether deep in an app or on a specific mobile web page. Dynamic segments enable marketers to build customer attributes with every swipe on a push message, tap on a landing page, or proximity to an iBeacon for better targeting and deeper personalization over time. Landing pages provide a new way to present a user with a rich message, without requiring any additional UI customization or need to provide an “inbox”. All of theses capabilities are enabled out of the box but do require the latest Urban Airship SDKs.

Leveraging the above features together will delight users and drive more profit and value for brands. To help stimulate some thinking, here are strategies to create a winning mobile messaging program.

Get new app users hooked

After getting users to install your app, send an automated ‘Welcome Series’ message two days after first app open to better ensure its adoption. Tie your push messages to landing pages that showcase key app experiences, product categories or the benefit of opting into push notifications to get them hooked on your app from the beginning.

Supercharge your remarketing

Push response, preferences and in-app behaviors are invaluable information about each mobile consumer. Every time you send a message and track responses, you build even more targeted, micro-segmented campaigns. Track mobile app interactions and fine-tune the right message to the right audience to watch your mobile results soar.

Know thy customers

Use our dynamic segments to capture your users’ preferences on the fly from either a push or a landing page. You can use these customer attributes to target future campaigns and offers to those who have previously responded, boosting results. For example, when an app visitor clicks on a push message about a shoe sale they’re now identified as ‘interested in shoes.’  Send them additional shoe promotions and news or even ask them if they want to receive updates for a particular brand. All of this helps to build a stronger picture of what users care about most, boosting the relevance of your messages.

Physical to mobile | iBeacons

Capture valuable proximity insights about your customers using iBeacons. Use this information to automatically send real-time push messages to engage with customers when they approach a store, department or display. Thank your customers with curated content and offers when they exit. To top it all off, all location and proximity data is stored for later use in retargeting and remarketing campaigns, so you can target consumers where they live, work and play with key offers and valuable content.

What next? Contact your account manager or our sales team so they can give you a one-on-one customized review of these new capabilities and the value we’re delivering to today’s most downloaded and loved apps.