AirMail v1.2 Beta Now Open to the Public

AirMail is continuing to gain steam for us here at Urban Airship. We’re seeing a bunch of new ways to use the persistant push messaging that AirMail enables from users that saw the developer preview video.

Today we’re sharing the latest version of AirMail that we’re announcing here at iPadDevCamp in San Jose, CA. In addition, everyone with an Urban Airship account will now have access to the AirMail beta.

In v1.2, we’ve added a few new features as well as fixed a few pesky bugs:

  •     Offline caching – Now when a user loads the messages in their AirMail inbox, they are cached locally and can be read when the device isn’t connected to the network. You could even use this as a great off-line reader for your app if you have content you want delivered to the device on a regular basis for viewing in off-line mode.
  •     Landscape mode – Yeah, you can like turn your phone now and have it look normal.
  •     Random Features – We’ve added an unread indicator at the top of the inbox along with bulk edit functions like mark as read and delete.
  •     Internationalization – Its now easier than ever to add support for your language of choice by simply updating the localization files. We even have an example in Chinese along with the default that ships in English.

This release of AirMail is another step forward for us as we continue to deliver valuable services for developers like push and in app purchase content delivery. We’ll have iPad versions of all of our products in the next few weeks so feel free to integrate now and expect some fantastically beautiful updates soon. Let us know your thoughts and happy AirMailing!