Android In-App Billing Best Practices

As we continue to help thousands of developers send notifications and fulfill app purchases, some best practices begin to emerge. So this week, we did a guest post over at Mashable to cover some best practices for Android In-App Billing. Some highlights include:

•    Make sure if you’re selling additional features and content in your app, that you’re still providing value as-is without the add-ons. People are much more likely to buy you from you if you prove your value within a free app already.

•    Don’t overlook the opportunities to re-use archived or previously unavailable content. Musicians can take advantage of live recordings or outtakes to turn old material into new revenue.

•    Take advantage of In-App Billing as a way to keep your app underneath the app size restrictions. Even if the in-app purchase is free, it allows you to allow the user to download content in stages, choosing what information he/she wants on the phone.

Read the whole article to get lots more information and best practices on Android In-App Billing.