Assess Your Mobile Maturity to Target Next-Level Opportunities

As an industry we’ve bandied about the concept of mobile-first for years, but what’s less commonly talked about is that we now live in a mobile-centric world. As Bill Gurley put it:

When users greatly favor a new user experience over an old one (in this case the mobile application environment versus a browser-based desktop environment), the implication is clear—we are in the middle of a critical platform transition. … This critical platform shift should weigh heavily on the minds of all companies that have something to lose; primarily browser-based Internet incumbents. The stakes are quite high, and it may even be too late.

According to Compuware’s survey of 3,500 global respondents, 85% of people prefer mobile apps over mobile websites, primarily because apps are more convenient, faster, and easier to navigate. And in a handful of years we’ve seen mobile apps go from a nascent industry to now occupy 80% of the time spent using mobile devices, which overall rivals time spent watching TV.

Industries are being disrupted. First- and best-movers are gaining advantage. And in fact, many of our customers are now seeing the majority of their traffic, customer interactions and transactions taking place on mobile devices. Mobile has reached a critical mass, or what we like to call the Mobile Majority. Brands that fail to keep pace with this consumer-driven tidal wave of mobile adoption, risk leadership becoming a quaint historical point of reference.  Marketers must recognize mobile as not just another screen but an entirely different channel and, in doing so, shift their thinking beyond traditional reach and frequency tactics to sustained interactions and personal relevancy.

From lighting up customers’ home screens with a push to integrating seamlessly into customers’ daily lives, brands that make the most of mobile and embrace the mobile majority are positioned to win greater market share.

Are you ahead or behind the curve?
That’s the question we set out to help brands answer when we crafted the Mobile Maturity Self-Assessment with input from digital strategists, brand leaders, technologists and mobile marketers. The model evaluates current mobile practices including organizational structure, innovation drivers and technical expertise. It also considers how brands are measuring their mobile success and the key initiatives contributing to future strategy and current growth.

Spend three-minutes answering 13 questions to reveal your brand’s position in our Mobile Maturity Model and understand your next-level opportunities to continue to form deep, personal relationships with customers through the devices that go with them everywhere.

Everyone who completes the survey will receive the October 2013 report "Push Mobile Engagement To The Next Level” from Forrester Research, Inc., as well as a five-page whitepaper customized to their responses and maturity scores. They’ll also get the first look at our forth-coming Mobile Maturity Industry Benchmarks to see how they stack up to peers and competitors.

Take the Mobile Maturity Self-Assessment now.