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Summer Hack Week 2016: Airshippers Tackle Big Problems in Mobile Engagement
Adam Lowry, 20 Jul 2016

Twice a year at Urban Airship we participate in one of my favorite traditions: Hack Week. During the week-long event, participants — mostly from our Dev and Engineering teams — identify a need, create a project, pick their own teams and work together to build something amazing. It’s a great way to take a step back from our normal priorities and focus on optimizing and dreaming up what’s next. We’ve had some incredible projects come out of Hack Weeks over the years, many of which have…

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Hack Week at Urban Airship
Adam Lowry, 18 Dec 2015

My favorite tradition at Urban Airship is Hack Week. Twice a year we take a week away from normal priorities and give the team a week to build something new. Hack Week itself was an evolution from our original Free Friday, a 24 hour scramble based on Atlassian's excellent model. Since expanding to a week in 2014, we’ve had some incredible projects, including two that turned into full on major products. A couple of weeks ago we had our final Hack Week of 2015, and it’s been an impressive view into what our team can accomplish.

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OS X Mountain Lion’s Notification Center
Adam Lowry, 24 Feb 2012

Last week Apple announced a developer preview for their new OS X version, Mountain Lion, and one of the most talked about features is the Notification Center, which takes the system-wide notification system added in iOS 5.0 and extends it to the Mac. While Apple added push notification capability to Mac apps in its prior OS X update, in Mountain Lion the Notification Center makes notifications much more useful with built-in alerting and a centralized roll-up for messages you might have…

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AirMail Push API Update: Aliases, tags, and batch push to Android and BlackBerry devices
Adam Lowry, 16 Nov 2010

Today I’d like to announce a few improvements to our AirMail Push API for Android and BlackBerry devices. These APIs have already been in production for iOS apps for some time, and now they’re ready for use on all three platforms. Whether you’re developing an application for a single platform or using all three, aliases, tags, and the batch API might be just what you need. Aliases Since we first opened our push notification service, aliases have been used to ease integration…

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Diagnosing and Handling EC2 EBS Issues
Adam Lowry, 18 Oct 2010

Last Tuesday morning, October 12th, our API service and many of our backend systems were down. This was particularly bad timing as it coincided with a scheduled maintenance window where we upgraded one of our database systems, leading us to believe for some time that this was the cause of the outage. After much investigation we determined the root cause was severe EBS volume performance degradation. What follows is an account of how we handled the incident and what steps we are taking…

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Scheduled Maintenance on Sunday, September 13, Midnight PDT
Adam Lowry, 10 Sep 2009

We will be doing scheduled maintenance on the Urban Airship API servers on Sunday night at midnight PDT (-0700 UTC). We expect less than an hour in total. If this interferes with a anticipated high-traffic period, please contact us. Update 2009-09-14 1 AM PDT: Maintenance complete.

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