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Brett Caine

President & CEO, Urban Airship

As president and CEO of Urban Airship, Brett Caine is responsible for leading the organization’s growth and global expansion strategies.

Brett Caine brings 22 years of executive experience in the technology industry with a strong background in scaling Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses from startups in emerging markets to the global “go-to” choice in mature industries. As former president of Citrix Online, Brett grew revenue from $40M to $600M over his 10 years with the company to become one of the largest SaaS providers in the world. Prior to joining Citrix Online, Caine held executive positions with several leading software companies including Openwave Systems, Software.com and Clarify, Inc.

Brett is a board member of Kareo and a board advisor to mobile, SaaS and cloud startups, advising CEOs on market strategy, product positioning and fundraising. He holds a B.S. in Marketing from New York University.


Recently By Brett Caine

Setting Our Own Course
Brett Caine, 10 Aug 2016

While our opportunity has expanded dramatically, so has our focus on responsible growth. Our goal is nothing short of changing how every business directly connects with its customers, and to do that we need not only unwavering commitment to customer value and mobile innovation, but strong business fundamentals to achieve profitability faster.

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It’s the End of the Beginning for Mobile
Brett Caine, 23 Jun 2016

Seven years ago we introduced Urban Airship to mobile app developers at WWDC 2009, handing out coffee and donuts to the hording masses waiting to get in. We didn't have a ticket to attend ourselves, but we had the first functioning third-party push notification service that made it easy to use this brand new form of communication. Fast-forward through lots of change and Urban Airship now regularly delivers one billion notifications a day for 40,000 apps including some of the best known…

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Taking the Helm of the Airship
Brett Caine, 9 Oct 2014

I’m so excited to begin this journey with Airshippers, our customers, and the industry at-large. Mobile is on everyone’s mind and I’ve been driving a “mobile first” POV since 2010. That’s when we began mobilizing Citrix Online’s business starting with the first generation iPad and quickly spreading within a few short years to all mobile devices across its 13 products and major markets. Today you wouldn’t think twice about accessing your desktop or holding a Skype call…

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