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Judy Chan

Director of Product Marketing, Urban Airship

Judy is the director of product marketing for Reach, Urban Airship’s mobile wallet platform, working with brands on new ways to deliver innovative mobile marketing solutions for loyalty cards, coupon offers and more. Previously, Judy led eCommerce and online marketing at Livescribe, maker of award-winning IoT smartpens. Prior to that, Judy led product marketing for HP’s laptop business, where she helped hp.com achieve Top 20 on the Internet Retailer 500 list. In addition, Judy launched product partnerships with Dolby, Beats By Dr. Dre and MTV. Judy has been recognized as a 40 Under 40 West - Most Innovative Brand Marketer by Brand Innovators, a consortium of 11,000 marketing professionals. Judy is passionate about technology and helping brands develop groundbreaking mobile marketing initiatives.


Recently By Judy Chan

Mobile Payments Just Got Hotter in the UK
Judy Chan, 25 Mar 2016

Google recently announced that Android Pay will be launching in the UK in the next few months. While Android Pay launched in the U.S. last September, sporting a healthy registrant rate of 1.5 million users per month, this marks Google’s first wallet market in Europe and second outside of the U.S. With major banking, retail, transportation agencies and apps all set to support Android Pay, this could signal the beginning of massive adoption in the UK.

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New Android and Apple Initiatives to Drive Consumer Adoption of Mobile Wallets
Judy Chan, 27 Jan 2016

Mobile wallets are quickly gaining attention and traction as a new way to connect with consumers on their mobile devices. A Business Insider article highlights recent announcements by Android Pay and Apple Pay that will help speed things along. Check out Android’s new experiment that uses incentives to help drive mobile wallet adoption and condition users to think about their digital wallet first in their everyday lives.

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New Features for Android Mobile Wallets
Judy Chan, 16 Dec 2015

Earlier this week, we added new features to Urban Airship Reach for Android Pay. With Google’s latest release of Android Pay, Wallet can now support gift cards, in addition to coupons/offers and loyalty cards.

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It’s Time: Get Moving with Mobile Wallet Marketing (Part one)
Judy Chan, 11 Nov 2015

It’s been a transformational year for mobile payments and mobile wallets. We’ve not only seen consumers pay for items and services via mobile devices, but we’ve seen a shift in behavior as consumers turn to their phones for all things shopping related. We discuss the state of mobile wallets and the opportunity it provides Marketers. Part 1 of our 2 part series.

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