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Justin Dunham

Director, Digital Acquisition & Marketing Ops

A digital marketing nerd and marketing engineer, Justin specializes in using software and data to execute effective, focused marketing strategies that drive revenue. Justin has led digital marketing functions at other fast-growing organizations, including enterprise unicorn MongoDB, and Gates Foundation grantee One Acre Fund. Justin has a Wharton MBA, and a BA in Ancient Greek and Latin from Columbia University.

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Recently By Justin Dunham

Addressing — and Winning Back — Dormant App Users
Justin Dunham, 6 Apr 2016

Whatever way you choose to measure a dormant user, they pose challenges to data hygiene and often uninstall the app. But avoiding uninstallation isn’t your only goal. Disengagement is much more common and has the same effect — lack of conversion and, likely, loss of revenue.

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6 Reasons Why Mobile Messaging Is Not Like Email
Justin Dunham, 6 Jan 2016

While email can be good for longer, time-insensitive messages that go to large groups of people, mobile messaging is about timeliness, relevance, personalization and action. Here are some ways that you need to look at mobile messaging differently if you want to be successful with it.

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