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Customer Spotlight: Cannes Lions App Connects the Creatives
Kylee Plummer, 11 Jun 2014

Each year nearly 12,000 talented communicators gather for a festival fit for the creative elite. The event attracts minds who wish to showcase exceptionally inspiring work across 17 categories that influence brand experiences, resulting in the world’s largest, most elaborate awards show known to creative professionals. This is Cannes Lions. From film and design to media and technology, nothing at the festival should be missed, and it doesn’t have to be thanks to the 2014 Cannes Lions…

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Balancing Personalization and Privacy
Kylee Plummer, 12 May 2014

Leaders from Atimi, the NFL and ABC News discuss finding a balance between respecting privacy and personalizing messages to find the right level of relevancy that enhances users’ brand experiences. “You only get one shot,” said Scott Michaels, Vice President at app development agency Atimi, as he opened up this panel discussion at Mobile Saturday. If a brand gets too personal and makes the user uncomfortable, the user will opt out of location or push notifications, or go so far as…

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Personalizing the Mobile Experience
Kylee Plummer, 9 May 2014

Leaders from R/GA, Backcountry.com and the Golf Channel discuss the critical importance of zeroing in on users’ preferences and understanding audience behavior to drive mobile app success. “We took away our employees’ desktops and tablets for a period of days and told them to use their phones to try the products, to think about the products,” said Jonathan Nielsen, EVP of Product at Backcountry.com. “It was a very impactful ... powerful moment for us to really understand what…

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