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Michael Griffith

Vice President of User Experience and Executive Creative Director, Bottle Rocket

Michael Griffith is the Vice President of User Experience and Executive Creative Director at Bottle Rocket. Michael’s philosophy is simple, “All I want to do is work with cool people and build cool stuff.” He has been designing digital media for over 25 years. He translates, shapes, and grows mobile brands. According to Michael, “Brands live in the minds of the beholder and are shaped through interaction.”

Michael has worked in a variety of industries including entertainment, travel and leisure, telecom, financial and OTC pharma. Prior to becoming a Rocketeer, he held positions at HP and imc2. Griffith has taught both design and development of digital media at local colleges and continues to speak at professional organizations and conferences throughout the year. Recently he has spoke at SXSW, Mobile Marketing Summit, App Developers Conference, Global Mobile Internet Conference, and many more.


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