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Mike Herrick

SVP of Product & Engineering

Mike Herrick is the SVP of Product and Engineering at Urban Airship and is responsible for developing, operating, supporting, and sustaining Urban Airship’s products. He joined the company in 2010.

Prior to Urban Airship, Mike was the Vice President of Products for Collaborative Software Initiative. In that role, he was responsible for product management, product development, technical support, and hosted operations. Prior to Collaborative Software Initiative, Mike built a broad background in the software business with management and individual contributor roles at Liberty Mutual, C-bridge/eXcelon (now Progress Software), Mentor Graphics, and Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

Mike holds a BS in Management Information Systems from the University of Dayton.

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Recently By Mike Herrick

What Marketers Can Learn From CES’ Voice Tech Hits and Misses
Mike Herrick, 14 Jan 2019

Urban Airship's SVP of Product & Engineering shares his thoughts on the hits and misses for CES' voice-activated technology reveals and what marketers can learn from each of them to understand the future of not only technology but how consumers and brands should interact in the next decade.

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WWDC 2016 Focuses On Making Experiences More Ubiquitous, Accessible and Human
Mike Herrick, 14 Jun 2016

The 27th WWDC Keynote was held yesterday in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, and Apple put emphasis on welcoming new faces. Among attendees, 72% were first timers (including 100+ under the age of 18), hailing from more than 74 countries. Other numbers putting WWDC 2016 into context: 500 apps eight years ago has grown to 2 million apps today, which have been downloaded 130 billion times, with nearly $50 billion (USD) paid to developers. The app economy and the mobile…

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The Next Big Thing is Already Here
Mike Herrick, 18 Mar 2016

Our team just returned from SXSW where we hosted our fourth annual Mobile Saturday, bringing together customers, experts and partners to focus on key mobile topics. I’m constantly amazed at the quality of discussion and practical advice that’s shared, but it’s always the one-liners that incredibly and memorably sum up the status quo. Technology inspires a culture of innovation — a bright and shiny, constant reimagining of the future.

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Announcing Urban Airship’s Parse Importer Tool
Mike Herrick, 5 Feb 2016

window.location.href = 'https://www.urbanairship.com/blog/alternatives-to-parse-push-notifications-faqs'; Today we are pleased  to announce the release of Urban Airship's Parse Importer Tool. As we noted last week, Parse is in the process of winding down. The Parse team has been very helpful in answering our questions and validating our assumptions, enabling a team of Airshippers to build this tool this week. Now that it’s live, we have a more streamlined process to help you…

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They Don’t Want Your App
Mike Herrick, 16 Nov 2015

Face it. Most consumers don't want your app. Mobile wallet passes are a great alternative way to get on your customer’s phone, stay there, and keep in touch.

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¡GOAL! Preparing for the Mobile Shouts to be Heard Around the World
Mike Herrick, 30 May 2014

Every four years FIFA hosts the World Cup where men’s national teams compete to determine football’s reigning champ. Starting June 12th, fans around the world will gather to watch, cheer, jeer and share their love for the game—the most popular sport in the world with 3.5 billion fans and 250 million players from 200 countries. The last World Cup in 2010 drove a 24% increase in mobile data traffic but worldwide smartphone penetration was only 7% compared to 35% in 2014. Data…

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Urban Airship March Release Notes are out!
Mike Herrick, 1 Apr 2014

We finished up the quarter by releasing a number of significant new features that will greatly enhance not only your user experience as an Urban Airship customer, but the experience of your app users.

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As OSCON Wraps Up, Urban Airship Celebrates Open Source
Mike Herrick, 20 Jul 2012

Open source is part of our DNA here at the Airship. Sitting here between the much larger technology communities of Silicon Valley and Seattle, Portland has the unique distinction of being at the epicenter of the open source software industry with leading foundations, businesses and a vibrant and growing tech community. Portland has been the host city for most of the OSCON shows, and we were the first city in the US to adopt a formal policy in support of opening data to outside…

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Prepping for Olympics Mobile Gold
Mike Herrick, 18 Jul 2012

Just like the Olympic athletes, we're training hard to give customers the support and scalability needed for flawless execution during the London Olympics.

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Hey you Android app developers: users aren’t using your apps. Engage them, dangit!
Mike Herrick, 18 Aug 2011

Cool: Nielsen™ Smartphone Analytics. Similar to those devices that track how much television people watch, Nielsen has a new effort that tracks and analyzes data from on-device meters installed on thousands of iOS and Android smartphones. The first reported data from this effort looks at Android App usage. Among the interesting findings, the average Android user spends more time with apps than with web and only a very small proportion of apps (10%) account for most of the app usage…

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A Day in the Life of a Mobile Device: IP Connectivity
Mike Herrick, 7 Jul 2011

Editor’s Note: This post was compiled and created by Scott Andreas, who can be reached on twitter: @cscotta. Exploring the Durability of IP Connections from Android Devices We see a lot of phones each day. Our Helium messaging platform serves hundreds of different models of Android devices from over 5100 global network providers in 208 countries via links running the gamut from GPRS to 3G to satellite. In order to maximize reliability and deliverability across our network, we’re…

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Hybrid-Cloud. We’re Up.
Mike Herrick, 1 Jun 2011

What happened last night? Our engineering team at Urban Airship has officially and successfully transitioned our services to our new hybrid-cloud architecture, hosted by our partners Amazon Web Services and Carpathia Hosting. Late last night, we completed the biggest phase of the move, which has been in the works for a long time. We have more work to do, but today is a very big milestone for us. This infrastructure is a significant investment in Urban Airship and we are all excited…

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Android Messaging: Deploying the Octobot
Mike Herrick, 14 Dec 2010

Editor’s Note: This post was compiled and created by Scott Andreas, who can be reached on twitter: @cscotta. Last month, we set a goal of improving the throughput of our Android messaging stack. This stack has three primary components, whose interactions are mediated by Beanstalk queues: 1) The frontend API to which app publishers push messages. 2) A worker responsible for preparing these messages for delivery to devices. 3) Our “Helium” cluster – the edge nodes to which…

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C500k in Action at Urban Airship
Mike Herrick, 24 Aug 2010

Learn how our engineers developed a server-side infrastructure to handle push notifications to millions of concurrently connected devices in real time.

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