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C2DM: Fully Deprecated
Pete Davis, 10 Mar 2015

Google recently announced in the Android Developers forum  that the full deprecation of Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) will be complete in April. This means that if you have any apps that still rely on C2DM as the transport layer, you must migrate to the latest GCM library as soon as possible in order to continue sending notifications. Google announced GCM as the replacement framework for C2DM in August, 2012. Since approximately that time, Google has encouraged developers to…

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The Future is Bright for Newsstand Publishers
Pete Davis, 29 Nov 2011

Apple’s Newsstand launched with the release of iOS 5 on October 12th, and by any measure, it appears to be a big win for Apple and for publishers alike. Since the iPad took the technology world by storm 18 months ago, it’s been an interesting time for publishers with several notable App Store rejections, industry confusion about how to implement tablet subscriptions, and a fair amount of criticism of Apple’s 30% revenue share. It appears now that Newsstand is the real deal,…

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Push Notification Best Practices: Measure Effectiveness by Tracking Active Device Tokens
Pete Davis, 8 Dec 2010

We cannot emphasize it enough: If your app users are turning off push notifications, you have lost a huge opportunity to engage with them. Engagement is a key element of success in mobile, and you don’t want to miss out. As we discussed in our last post on implementation 101, getting users to opt-in to push notifications in the first place can take some persuasion. Once they do, you need to stick to your end of the bargain and send only messages that contain the compelling content your…

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Urban Airship Sends Half a Billion Push Notifications
Pete Davis, 29 Jun 2010

Over Five Hundred Million Served We’re excited to announce that we just surpassed the 500 million mark for the number of notifications we’ve sent on behalf of our clients’ mobile apps. It seems like only yesterday that Silicon Florist broke the story about our 100 millionth message, and here we are, only a few rainy months later, with another important milestone to share. With all of the other new product and customer announcements that have been keeping us busy, this seems like a…

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Justin.tv goes live with Urban Airship Push
Pete Davis, 14 Apr 2010

We are excited to announce that Justin.tv just launched the first update to its wildly popular iPhone app, and the site is now using Urban Airship Push for its application notifications.  According to this Mashable article, in no time flat, Jtv became the No. 2 free social networking app in the App Store.  Congrats to Caleb Elston, VP of Products at Justin.tv, and the rest of the team! I have had a unique interest in this app, not only as Sales Director at Urban Airship, but also as a…

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