Benchmark Your Mobile Maturity To Target Next-Level Opportunities

Mobile has reached a critical mass, and brands that fail to keep pace risk losing leadership, market share and relevance. It is a seismic shift impacting all areas of business, leaving many wondering how they compare to their peers and whether they are ahead or behind. We created the Mobile Maturity Self-Assessment to offer our clients greater context for their efforts in mobile, and to help prospective clients identify next- level opportunities for their mobile strategies.

Today, we’re excited to release aggregate findings from more than 500 mobile leaders completing the self-assessment, which delved into organizational structure and leadership for mobile, business objectives influenced by mobile, current mobile tactics, level of sophistication, as well as challenges and vision for the future.

Top-level findings showed that 85 percent of companies have gone beyond mobile web sites, mobile search and traditional reach-and-frequency marketing to drive sustained engagement strategies through mobile apps. However, the majority of those companies (56 percent) deliver the same messages and app experience to all users—not yet unlocking mobile’s unique benefits of intimacy, immediacy and context. Also, surprisingly, nearly one-third of companies that collect user-specific data don’t yet use it to tailor content and messaging.

Results also found that the presence of a dedicated mobile product team correlates significantly with higher maturity rankings, whereas size of company does not. When it comes to mobile challenges, more than half of respondents identified budget as the factor that "strongly challenges" or "somewhat challenges" their mobile strategy and development followed by a lack of expertise in mobile at 36 percent.

If you haven't already taken the Mobile Maturity Self-Assessment, take three-minutes to answer 13 questions to immediately understand your organization’s mobile maturity. You’ll receive additional resources to help evolve your mobile strategy and can gain greater context on your mobile efforts by downloading the complete Mobile Maturity Benchmarks Report to see how you compare to peers.. 

Check out our infographic visualizing some of the key findings: