Building an Exclusive Customer Program with Wallet

Your customers live on their phones. They want to be able to access everything easily and on-the-go, including offers from their favorite stores and brands.

The technology is available, and consumers are more than ready for it — according to 451 Research, 63 percent of U.S. mobile phone users currently use or plan to try using mobile coupons at point of sale (1). Mobile wallet is a simple and effective way to offer your customers coupons and discounts, while also cultivating engagement and loyalty.

Mobile coupons or passes are typically stored in Apple Wallet on iPhones and in Android Pay on Android devices. Mobile wallets present an opportunity for your brand to create an exclusive customer program to reward your existing customers with incentives. This helps increase loyalty, as customers who have bought from your brand once are more likely to buy again, which can increase your holiday earnings while helping them save.

While brands can certainly benefit from pairing a mobile wallet strategy with their branded app, the beauty of Urban Airship’s Wallet Studio is that it makes it possible for brands to easily utilize mobile wallet technology (and reap the benefits) even without having a dedicated mobile app. Mobile wallet passes allow you to cross-promote your marketing programs, all while recognizing and rewarding your customers.

Smart marketers know they should focus on their existing customers just as much as (if not more than) prospective ones. Existing customers already know and love your brand and are more likely to buy than those who haven’t before.

Your brand can use mobile wallet passes to showcase special events or promotions, such as giving customers early access to a sale or VIP-exclusive event and displaying the invite right on their mobile loyalty card.

For example, you’re having a big holiday sale and want to invite your best customers to a pre-sale event to both build loyalty and drive sales. In Wallet Studio you can create a customized image for the pass featuring the name of your promotion. This is the main visual of your wallet pass, and you can customize it with whatever information you want, such as “VIP Members: Pre-sale event going on now,” to drive traffic in-store or online. On the back of the pass link to your website to take your customers to the desired destination.

Wallet also makes it easy to notify users when they make it to the next level of your loyalty or rewards program. With updateable fields, you can change a user’s tier or status as they move up the ranks in your loyalty program.

When a customer hits a higher tiered status, you can easily update their loyalty pass and issue a change notification. Reward users when they reach the next tier with offers or discounts, such as a coupon code. This ease-of-use and novelty will surprise and delight your customers and elevate your brand in their minds, and the continued engagement via mobile wallet will effectively create an exclusive channel for your best customers, which is a valuable asset to any brand.

Get more inspiring examples of how you can take advantage of engaging with your users without building a full-fledged mobile application using Urban Airship Reach in our Wallet Inspiration Guide.

1. “2015 US Consumer Mobility Survey,” 451 Research, June, 2015.