C2DM: Fully Deprecated

Google recently announced in the Android Developers forum  that the full deprecation of Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) will be complete in April. This means that if you have any apps that still rely on C2DM as the transport layer, you must migrate to the latest GCM library as soon as possible in order to continue sending notifications.

Google announced GCM as the replacement framework for C2DM in August, 2012. Since approximately that time, Google has encouraged developers to migrate existing C2DM-powered apps to GCM and no longer accepts new apps on the deprecated framework.

Urban Airship took a similar approach in 2012, providing support for GCM transport and encouraging migration off of our own C2DM service. 

With this announcement, we urge you to upgrade your Android project to the latest GCM library if you have not done so already. Any Urban Airship support for legacy C2DM applications will end abruptly when Google turns off the service for good. This is unlikely to impact very many, if any Urban Airship customers as most have already migrated. But we thought we'd let you know just in case.

Here are a couple of helpful links to get you started if you're still using C2DM:

Android Developers Group

Urban Airship: Getting Started with Android