Changes Coming to Urban Airship’s Free Developer Edition

Five years ago people wondered whether apps would even catch on, and we were really excited when we sent our first million push notifications. Fast-forward to today and people spend more time using mobile devices than they do watching TV, and 86% of that time is spent in apps. We’re now responsible for communication to hundreds of millions of users across billions of app installs.

As this market has evolved, so too has Urban Airship. We’ve gone from a push-centric technology view of the world to a person-centric one, and we’ve moved beyond push notifications to a complete solution that’s focused on taking advantage of mobile’s unique strengths to communicate effectively with your users. We’ve discovered that we work best when we’re working closely with our customers to help them solve their problems and implement a mobile-first experience for their users with our complete solution. Today, we’re taking some concrete steps toward crystallizing that focus by sunsetting our free Developer Edition product that offers a subset of the capabilities of our complete solution.

If you are using the Developer Edition offering, everything will remain the same for the next six-months until its retirement on December 31, 2014. Between now and then, Developer Edition users can either choose to establish a paid relationship with Urban Airship for access to our push-only product or our full solution suite, or migrate to an alternate solution.

We remain committed to providing developers with the richest set of APIs and technical capabilities available in order to make it easy to adopt our technology. However, we believe ultimate success in mobile requires enabling the entire organization and business users to take ownership of business outcomes and be able to influence them increasingly on their own, and in real-time.

We’re extremely grateful to Developer Edition customers for being a part of Urban Airship’s ecosystem, and hope they’ll consider moving to our full-featured offering. Developer Edition account owners interested in exploring commercial plans with Urban Airship should contact our sales department or call 800-720-2098.

We understand that with any change come questions and possible concerns. You can find the answers to what we anticipate will be the most common ones here.