College Students Are Mobile-First. Is Your Marketing Plan?

84% of college students own a smartphone. Marketers at higher education institutions must confront the fact that there is no more mobile-oriented audience than today’s college students. These students were practically born with devices in-hand, and raised to expect instant information and utility at their fingertips. It’s up to schools to meet this expectation in order to attract top-tier students and serve them at the highest possible level.

In our whitepaper, “Mobilizing the Student Experience”, we outline exactly why being mobile-minded is necessary for marketers at colleges and universities, regardless of the institution’s size, and offer potential use cases for mobile apps in the higher education. We also highlight examples of universities and student-oriented brands who have harnessed the power of mobile engagement in their campus communications and reaped a variety of benefits, from increased campus safety, to message open rates that blow email out of the water, to a more connected campus overall.

Download the paper now to:

• Learn more about your target demographic and their habits and preferences

• See ten use cases on how educators can use mobile apps and messaging in campus communications

• Find out how innovative institutions are mobilizing students today.

Mobile has become so important to students that they don’t even necessarily take note when schools get it right, but they will most definitely notice and vocally remark on schools whose apps miss the mark, or those that don’t have an app at all. For institutions that want to stay relevant and attract the top students, being mobile-first is not an option, but a requirement. Learn more and download the free whitepaper here.