comiXology adds Marvel and keeps customers up to date with push notifications

With the announcement today of Marvel Comics being available on the iPhone through Comics (iTunes link) by Comixology, we thought we’d check in with their CEO, David Steinberger.

comiXology is the next generation of the comic book store. It provides your weekly list of new comic releases in a format that allows you to view each issue individually, displaying cover art, credits, description, price, page count, and other information. Registered users can add items to a pull list, rate items using ‘bag it’ and ‘burn it’ buttons, and comment on items. And, best of all, favorite Marvel titles (like The Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday) are now available via Comics.

When users of Comics setup their pull list, they are given the option to get sent a message when their titles are available. When comiXology needed to send the messages, they turned to Urban Airship to deliver them via push notification.

“We want the shortest distance between announcing new content and our users being able to download it, and push notifications is it,” David said. “We have many different push options for our customers, and Urban Airship makes it easy to get those out in a timely and accurate manner. Making it easy doesn’t hurt, either.”