Connecting the Next Generation

On the front-lines of mobile app engagement and monetization, Airshippers spend a lot of time evangelizing the future of things to mobile and marketing pundits, journalists and industry analysts. On Friday, we played host to a crowd of college students from University of Oregon’s Ad Society, which, while decidedly less jaded than industry veterans, were just as enthusiastic.

Our own Jamie Burton, a recent UofO graduate, played host to event, joined by Brent Hieggelke, CMO; Dylan Boyd, VP of growth; Scott Townsend, director of marketing; and Corey Gault, director of communications.

Airshipper Jamie Burton with the University of Oregon's Ad Society

The quality and range of questions, from advertising implications of push notifications to mobile app design and general career advice, was simply superb, and we hope that we offered a guiding light to the next generation of talent. It’s clear that the UofO is working hard to ensure its student body is on the forefront of emerging digital and mobile trends.

UO's Ad Society in Urban Airship's kitchen

Similarly, over the weekend, co-founder Michael Richardson participated in Reed College’s inaugural Working Weekend, which offered students a mix of panel discussions, workshops, one-on-ones between students and alumni, as well as the Reed Start-Up Labfocused on helping students go from an idea to a pitch. Richardson, who graduated Reed in 2007, presented on a couple of panels and helped counsel a new crop of Start-Up Lab entrepreneurs. Congratulations to the finalists and winners!

While we in the technology industry look to define the future of things, we mustn’t forget those who will be slated to help fulfill those ambitions. Please keep an eye out for updates on Urban Airship's summer internships.