Customer Spotlight: Cinemagram Creates Moving Photos

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to share a funny moment or beautiful setting, but in an extremely creative and visually stunning way? With the popular Cinemagram app for iOS, you can do just that, capturing short video clips and converting them into cinemagraphs (cines), which are animated looping clips. In Cinemagram, you can shoot a video with the app or import a video from your camera roll. The app enables you to pick the area you want to animate with your finger and you can apply any of Cinemagram’s 15 filters. You could record a crowded subway line and choose to only animate the train, resulting in a stunning visual effect. The app also has a feature called Shorts, which lets you combine cines to create a mini-movie.  

When it comes to sharing your cines with friends, it’s quite simple. As you set up your Cinemagram account, you have the option to enable the app to access your Facebook, Twitter and contact list so that you can share cines with the rest of your friends on Cinemagram. If all your friends are not on Cinemagram yet, you can choose to export your cines and share them through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email and SMS. 

Cinemagram has teamed with Urban Airship to make sharing cines with your friends even easier. If you go to the settings page, you can select when you would like to receive push notifications, including alerts when someone likes, comments or reposts your cines, follows you, or when they create their own cine.

Urban Airshippers like Mike Herrick our SVP of Engineering, have had a bit of fun with Cinemagram too:

What will your cine be? Download the free Cinemagram app for iOS. Cinemagram on Android is just a few days away and you can sign up for early access.