Customer Spotlight: Foodpanda Handles Delivery and Takeout with Ease

Offering a one-stop shop to ordering food, Foodpanda lets users choose from a selection of restaurants and take-out spots in more than 30 countries across Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

From the app’s home screen, users enter their current location to see nearby restaurants. Filters including cuisine type, order size, fee charges and delivery time enabling searches to be narrowed quickly. Once a restaurant has been chosen and meals selected, users simply identify whether they’ll pay upon delivery upfront or by credit card. Once processed, users receive a notification with order details and an expected time of delivery.

Currently, the app is available for users in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, with additional countries expected in the near future. Users in these countries who’ve opted in to receive push notifications can expect to receive alerts on new restaurants in the area, exclusive discounts, holiday specials and more.

Download the app on iOS or Android.