Dive into the Summer of Push

When folks flee the office this summer for beaches, back roads, campsites and cabanas, they’ll leave their laptops behind.

But their mobile devices go everywhere. They make summer more fun.

We’re calling this season the Summer of Push because push messages are the essential mobile ingredient—they’re the lime in our Corona, the mint in our mojito, the mustard on our ballpark frank.

With push, our customers’ apps help us plan summer travel, discover great new places, keep in touch and save money on summer fun. Push messages let us ignore our cluttered email inboxes and see only those alerts that matter right now.

And geolocation-enabled apps serve up richer, more relevant, contextually aware content. That makes the hot summer ahead much, much cooler.

So in the spirit of summer fun and simplicity, we launched the Summer of Push today. It’s a daily series of tips, ideas, stories and more designed to inspire and entertain.

You can read any of them in less time than it takes to apply sunscreen. We promise.

Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Best practices: Find out how the world’s top brands are winning in mobile and snag some great new ideas.
  • Customer spotlight: Discover craveable apps with features made more delicious through push messages, geolocation and digital wallets.
  • Tips & Tricks: Our top techies offer savvy ways to automate, personalize and boost conversion, making your platform work smarter.
  • Advanced Use Cases: Imagine what’s possible with richer engagement. Like The Six Million Dollar Man, we have the technology.
  • Content spotlight: Think bigger with bite-sized insights from global brand leaders.

Join us on our Summer of Push, every business day through the end of the season. We’ll make it easy by offering daily email alerts, and each feature lets you dig deeper for more on that topic or to share it with friends and colleagues.

We also love a good giveaway, so each week we’ll ask you to tell us about your mobile summer—including favorite apps and how push messages make summer more fun. We’ll kick this off next week on our Facebook page and the person with the best answer will receive our custom-designed Urban Airship longboard. The more you enter throughout the summer, the more chances you’ll have to win in our end of summer drawing.

Summer’s sizzling already, and with mobile in your pocket and a rockin’ longboard at your feet, you’re ready. So grab your iced tea or a frosty brew, kick back and read a few of our Summer of Push features.

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