¡GOAL! Preparing for the Mobile Shouts to be Heard Around the World

Every four years FIFA hosts the World Cup where men’s national teams compete to determine football’s reigning champ. Starting June 12th, fans around the world will gather to watch, cheer, jeer and share their love for the game—the most popular sport in the world with 3.5 billion fans and 250 million players from 200 countries.

The last World Cup in 2010 drove a 24% increase in mobile data traffic but worldwide smartphone penetration was only 7% compared to 35% in 2014. Data released this week from Mary Meeker’s highly anticipated Internet Trends report shows tablet shipments were just getting started in 2010, as was mobile’s steep adoption curve.

This year’s World Cup will surely be the most interactive, multiscreen event the world has ever experienced. While traditional media, sports and gambling apps will be upping their game for the World Cup, we’re also supporting apps dedicated to the tournament. All of them will be seeking to reach a burgeoning global mobile audience with score updates, team standings, analysis and even live streaming that will make them the true fan’s constant companion throughout the month-long tournament. If you have an app with a World Cup connection, we want to hear from you.

For the Euro 2012 Football Championship, Urban Airship powered more than ten apps focused on the tournament and sent more than 50 million push notifications on the busiest days for these apps alone.

Just as teams have trained furiously for the World Cup, Urban Airship is also ramping up preparations to ensure our customers have the rock-solid support and execution needed to pull off their own hat-trick.

So let’s huddle up before the event to understand any special requirements, resources or tips and tricks you might need to position your team to be able to shout GOOOOAAAALLLL! For example:

  • Maybe we need to configure throttling for you to balance the load on your back end systems? 
  • Maybe you should set Time To Live for Android  or Expiry for iOS?
  • Maybe you should set IP Whitelisting?  
  • Maybe we need to discuss your use case or you need some special attention?

Please leave us a blog comment or contact us privately at support@urbanairship.com to let us know your plans for World Cup.