How Apps Are Driving the Re-imagination of Everything

It would be difficult to name a single industry where apps are not having a profound impact on the way business is done. For consumers, the sheer diversity, utility and entertainment that apps offer is undeniable. In fact, time spent in apps is the number one mobile activity and close to rivaling time watching television. Topping it off, every few months we witness innovators impacting entire industries by opening up app functionality through APIs; implementing increasingly sophisticated uses for smartphone cameras, GPS and accelerometers; and developing the next killer use-cases for augmented reality, voice control, indoor targeting and more.

Last year at SXSW we dipped our toes into high-level thinking about how brands are going mobile:

This year, kicking off Mobile Saturday at SXSW, some of mobile's top innovators and brands will share their mobile experiences and insights to help you re-imagine everything and explore why getting an app on millions of smartphones is fast becoming the centerpiece of smart business strategy. Session attendees will learn about the app features driving the greatest consumer response, how success is measured, how strategies have evolved over time, what’s on the horizon, as well as the factors that currently limit the re-imagination of everything. Panelists include:

Scott Michaels - VP, Atimi
Scott has worked with many Fortune 500 companies to bring their products to the mobile space and advocates the need for a cohesive strategy for bringing products to the mobile space.

Mark Shaffer - Strategy Development, Business Planning and Analytics Manager, Walgreens
Mark has more than 15 years of experience leading innovation, driving change, and creating value throughout organizations. He’s currently part of Walgreens consumer mobile division, which has focused on streamlining shoppers’ experiences through its acclaimed app and more recently through Apple Passbook.

Brandon Lucas - Vice-President and General Manager, Mobile at Black Entertainment Television
Brandon and his team are focused on amplifying the live TV viewing experience, creating award-winning experiences, patent-pending app functionality and gamification strategies which helped drive more than 30 million votes in six weeks.

Scott Kveton – co-founder and CEO, Urban Airship
Scott is widely recognized as an expert on mobile app strategy and cloud infrastructure, and was recognized as one of the Top 10 Mobile Movers for 2012 by VentureBeat.

See you in Austin!