How should the customer lifecycle affect my messaging?

Customer lifecycle is an important aspect to consider when developing a messaging strategy. You don’t want to speak to a newbie the same way you communicate with a longtime customer. Don’t ask customers who have only had your app installed for a month to rate or review your app--wait a few months, and then ask your best customers who have completed several different actions in your app for their thoughts.

Data breadcrumbs are key to your ongoing editorial plan. Find ways to gather information tidbits from your customer, such as what types of sandals they like, or where they dream of taking a vacation to capture valuable insight to strengthen your messaging strategy down the road. These breadcrumbs help steer customers towards new content or products, or can generate specific offers based on what they like.

For example, Craftsy segments its audience based on purchase history to communicate with its audience. A longtime Craftsy member who has taken many classes receives different push messages than a new app user who has yet to enroll in his or her first class. Welcome series campaigns are also a great tool to introduce new customers to your app. Now go win!