iOS Library Version 2.0.0 Released

We're excited to announce the release of the latest Urban Airship iOS library, version 2.0.0. This is a major release which represents an important simplification of the integration process. In many ways, the new library is virtually plug-and-play because it automatically handles many of the push and analytics events that previously required intervention on your part. We have also slimmed the library size significantly by removing support for In App Purchase, Subscriptions and related components, made some updates to Rich Push, and generally tried to make your life just a tiny bit easier. Below are a few of the major changes worth highlighting in this post. For more detail on the changes, please see the following resources:

Library Source

Version 2.0.0 CHANGELOG

iOS Library Migration Guide

App Delegate Changes

Much of the manual intervention previously required in the app delegate has been made unnecessary, as the library can now handle UIApplicationDelegate callbacks on its own, forwarding the calls to your app delegate transparently. You must still call takeoff  and set notfications either on or off, but beyond that, you should never have to think about handling events like push conversions, analytics events et al. We'll handle for you by observing the events directly from the device. No need to write extra code to tell us about them!

Removal of In App Purchase

This is the first major release of the UA iOS library since our February 2013 announcement deprecating support for our In App Purchase and Subscriptions products. Removal of support for IAP and Subscriptions and related components reduces the size of the library by nearly 20%.

Rich Push Changes

For Rich Push customers using a customized Inbox or Message Center UI implementation, please take a look at our iOS Library Migration Guide for a walkthrough of a few changes related to the Inbox and message handling. If you're using the standard Inbox implementation, there is no need to change any client code.

Please have a look at the technical resources reference above for more information. If you still have questions, Let us know!