Justin.tv goes live with Urban Airship Push

We are excited to announce that Justin.tv just launched the first update to its wildly popular iPhone app, and the site is now using Urban Airship Push for its application notifications.  According to this Mashable article, in no time flat, Jtv became the No. 2 free social networking app in the App Store.  Congrats to Caleb Elston, VP of Products at Justin.tv, and the rest of the team!

I have had a unique interest in this app, not only as Sales Director at Urban Airship, but also as a fan of Jtv and as a technophile who is consistently amazed as the way we consume media evolves.  I often date myself with my eighties pop culture references here at the Urban Airship offices, according to @kveton.   But this tired old Ferris Bueller quote rings truer than ever today:

“Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Evan Solomon, VP of Marketing at Jtv, remarked to me the other day, “The thing about live video is—it’s perishable.”  Jtv is in the business of providing users with content Now.  As Ferris might say, if the app users don’t stop and view, they could miss it.  That’s where Urban Airship Push comes in–providing instant access when something is happening, i.e., Now.

As the guys who brought Lifecasting to the masses move into mobile, we have no doubt     that they’ll continue to lead in helping users find the content they enjoy, when and where they enjoy it.   We’re happy to come along for the ride, and to help pave the way.