Location. Location. Location - Leveraging Geolocation & Geofences

The face of marketing is changing more rapidly ever since the world started going mobile. In fact, it was only last year at SXSW where the social-local-mobile people discovery app Highlight seized attention from the media and early tech adopter crowd for its ability to spotlight friends and people with common interests nearby.

Rewind just a few short years to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and it was Xomo and Ben West—the moderator for this Mobile Saturday at SXSW session—convincing the organizing committee why they should have an app. The industry has gone from dragging consumers to mobile and pushing capabilities to now trying to catch up to people’s expectations.

As marketers, we all realize the tremendous opportunity that location offers to get closer to your customers and engage them at the right time and place. Yet there’s a steep learning curve for early adopters that must strike the appropriate balance between location as a key trigger and geofences being experienced as shock-collars…between location as super-interesting, never-before-available data and need to combine it with additional customer insight to achieve true relevancy.

In this Mobile Saturday session we share insights on how marketers need to change their brains when it comes to campaigns so that this new power to tap into customers current and historical locations is wielded in the right way in order to build loyalty, not annoyance. You’ll hear about innovators’ early experiences and their future plans in using location to drive greater personalized experiences that offer real value for consumers. 

Ben West, co-founder, Xomo Digital
Ben West is the co-founder of Xomo which creates mobile apps for some of the world’s biggest events including the 2010 and 2012 Olympics, Sundance Film Festival, South By Southwest, Advertising Week, Lollapalooza and hundreds more.

Peter Roybal, Senior Manager of Product Development, Disney/ABCNews.com
Peter oversees mobile product development for ABC News across mobile platforms and mobile web sites, and plays a leadership role in digital advertising across ABC and its cable and local station properties.

Roe McFarlane, VP Product Innovation & Customer Experience, Redbox
Roe manages product strategy and execution for Redbox, in addition to spearheading top-level consumer experiences the company’s online, mobile, Kiosk, and API channels.

Coleen Carey, VP of Product, Urban Airship
Coleen brings over 20 years of technology and consumer packaged goods experience to Urban Airship, and leads the charge in bringing Urban Airship's solutions to market aligned with key strategic partners.