Modernize your Urban Airship Integration

Make the most of our mobile engagement platform with API v3

In 2013 we announced the release of a new, more modern web API, version 3. API v3 unified the features of our previous API versions and gave us a more elegant foundation for adding new features to our service while minimizing server-side development overhead for our customers.

We also announced the deprecation of all previous API versions at that time, and the final shutoff date is approaching soon: July 31, 2015.

If you are using API v1 or v2 to communicate with Urban Airship, you must take steps to update your integration immediately. If you only use our web application to manage your notifications, no action is required.

Urban Airship turns six this year. That means we’ve been around since the dawn of time as far as our industry is concerned. In the beginning, there was push. And it was good. Back then, we developed an API that sent notifications.

Fast-forward to 2013. By that time, we had a large customer base that wanted to perform increasingly complex interactions with our service, such as interactions that are programmatic, follow the customers’ unique business logic, and that happen too fast to be entered manually through our web application. API v3 has allowed us to support this evolving approach to mobile engagement.

Here are just a few examples of recent product releases that rely on API v3:

Automated Messages can be configured to go out when certain events occur or conditions are met. For example, when a particular tag is either added or removed from a user’s device, you can tell Urban Airship to send a message, either now or later.

Automated Messages are fully supported through our UI but many customers use the Automation API to create and manage Automation campaigns.

Actions are a simple but powerful new feature that allow you respond to a user’s interaction with a notification. Responses include adding or removing a tag on the user, directing the user to a deep link or a rich message, or any custom app action that you define. When combined with Automation, Actions can add an unparalleled level of sophistication to your messaging strategy.

Actions are supported through the Actions API and the Urban Airship dashboard.

Interactive Notifications
Interactive Notifications, on both iOS and Android devices, let you present users with a number of predefined or custom buttons, as well as the option to share content. These types of notifications are supported only via the UI and API v3 integrations. See Interactive Notifications API for more details.

Do I need to switch to API v3?
Because API v1 and v2 will be discontinued July 31, 2015, it’s important to ensure that you are integrated with API v3 to avoid service interruption. Consider how you interact with the Urban Airship service today:

Many of our customers use our web-based composer tool exclusively, which means that they don't send notifications via our API. If this is you, we've got you covered because our web application talks to API v3 on your behalf. There is no additional server-side development you need to do.

If you use v1 exclusively, it's imperative that you migrate to API v3 now. If you attempt to send notifications through v1 or v2 after July 31, 2015, your notifications will not be sent.

If you use both v1 and our web-based composer, you will need to do some migration. Your composer pushes will still work after July 31, but you'll need to take stock of the v1 pushes you are sending and either migrate them to v3 or incorporate them into your composer workflow.

If you use v3 exclusively, you're good to go.

If you already use API v3 and composer, you're already an Urban Airship expert. This post is not for you, but we love you anyway.

Still unsure if you need to make a switch? Contact and we’ll be happy to take a look at your account and confirm your status.

OK, how do I upgrade?
We’ve made the conversion process simple with documentation and support. You just need to inform your server-side developers of the need for a change.

If you're already interacting with v1 of the Urban Airship API, migration is straightforward, and your server-side developer will know how to make the necessary adjustments. This will require some changes to your production environment in the areas where requests to Urban Airship are formatted.

Migration Guide
The first place to look is the API v3 Migration Guide. Inside, you’ll find a handy-dandy endpoint map that will help you evaluate your Urban Airship integration. Certain endpoints have not changed, but the primary APIs for sending and scheduling pushes require changes.

Server Libraries
We also support a number of server libraries that can help transform data from your production environment into properly-formatted API v3 requests. Currently we provide these wrappers for Java, Python, and PHP. These server libraries will save you development time by simplifying your integrations with Urban Airship's API.

Urban Airship Support
Our support team loves to hear from customers--and we’re ready to help guide you through this conversion process.

Let’s make this worth your while
Need a few more reasons to ensure API conversion is part of your team’s workflow in the next month? Let’s sweeten the deal:

  • We have a special gift box ready to send customers who make the switch to API v3 by May 31, 2015, to thank your team for making it happen.
  • You’ll get more from our service and every customer engagement. API v3 puts the power of audience segmentation, actions, landing pages, and more in your hands.

The switch to API v3 is simple and the results are powerful. Let’s do this.