Need a Hotel, Tonight?

You’re in an unfamiliar city and find yourself having to stay for an extra night. It’s late and your favorite hotel is all booked up. Enter HotelTonight, which brings you last-minute deals on unbooked rooms from great hotels in the United States, Toronto, Vancouver and London. The app’s intuitive interface enables travelers to conveniently book same-day hotel rooms at great value. For hotels, it is a great way to get guests into rooms that would have otherwise gone unoccupied for the night.

If you’re adventurous, HotelTonight's Android app uses push notifications to offer an alternative way to find great last minute places to stay. Messages alert travelers to city-specific deals as soon as they’re available, allowing for cheap prices at top hotels on the fly. It adds an entirely new convenience and spontaneity to traveling, or an exciting end to a date night in your hometown. Instead of pre-planning or panicking about places to stay, the HotelTonight Android app provides an unprecedented way to explore new cities.


Download HotelTonight for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.