New Web Site, Brand Identity & Product Naming Convention, Same Airship

Three and a half years ago we launched Urban Airship at WWDC with a product that developers could sign up for and immediately use to more easily adopt Apple’s new push notification capabilities. Our first web site was little more than an informational sign-up form, featuring what is still a pretty awesome logo developed by our friend Jason Grlicky (@jasongrlicky) in just a few days:

Today, Urban Airship powers push messaging across all major mobile operating systems, is experiencing rampant growth with 65,000 customers and twice as many employees as last year, and offers a level of precision-targeting that our global trade associations—MMA and CTIA—have recognized as world-leading. As True Ventures likes to say, the journey has been more like Urban Rocketship, than Airship. But relax, we’re not changing our quirkily fun company name or forgetting our roots.

But it is time for an update…a more expansive approach to the way we present ourselves to the world. Mobile’s rapid evolution is driving a seismic shift in consumer behavior that is sending ripples everywhere. It is becoming more common for us to go from talking with a developer looking to boost app engagement to a Fortune 500 CMO that wants mobile to be at the center of his or her marketing and customer relationship strategy. As a result, our new web site, unveiled today, has a lot more marketing information, expanding from our developer roots to explain everything to the marketing-side of the house as well.

We still have our developer DNA, and are proud of the Developer Kit accessible from all over the site.  Our documentation is still prominent, and we’ll continue to add all of the bulletproof developer tools needed to roll out push messaging. We’ll also continue to offer a free version of our solution to encourage up-and-coming companies and indie developers to try our product and help grow their businesses.  Some of our best innovation and new product ideas have come from creative startups using our service in new ways. But we also need to offer large companies and brands the insight and information they need to recognize and realize the value of push messaging.

If you know UA, you know we’re nothing if not agile and practical, both in our business and our solutions. One needn’t look further than our second web site and logo based on WordPress and stock photography respectively, for proof. But as we got into expanding our content we realized most pages needed to change along with structural elements, and if we’re doing that we may as well refresh the brand…it was the typical domino effect.

We also used this project to implement product plan name changes based on your feedback. These changes have no impact on your product features or pricing, but we hope will clarify our offerings and make it easier for new customers to determine the appropriate plan for their needs. The next time you log in to your Urban Airship account, you will see the following name changes:

  • Premium Plan is now the Enterprise Edition
  • Pro Plan is now the Small Business Edition
  • Basic Plan is now the Developer Edition

We’d love to hear what you think of the new web site content and our look-and-feel.

We tried hard to keep the brand fun and accessible, and there are lots of nuances we hope you’ll appreciate as you browse our site. We think the logo really captures the romantic nostalgia of widespread technology advancement that airships represented in their day, only reinterpreted for the 21st Century smartphone era with yet another modern-nostalgia twist.  Know what we mean? …maybe we’re a little deep into this.

Truth is we’d still be up-to-our-elbows digging out of a seemingly insurmountable amount of work if it weren’t for Rusty Grim and the incredible Owen Jones team. We could have not asked for a better partner in this project. From the moment we said GO, they have over-delivered. They led the design project and took on the massive web site project, practically simultaneously, earning some new fans for life here at the Airship HQ. If you need some design genius, or web magic, call them. Rusty, please save some capacity for us going forward as we’ve found a great partner and aren’t going anywhere…anywhere but up!

Take a look at some of the concept art the OJ team pulled together, building off the golden age of air travel: