OS X Mountain Lion’s Notification Center

Last week Apple announced a developer preview for their new OS X version, Mountain Lion, and one of the most talked about features is the Notification Center, which takes the system-wide notification system added in iOS 5.0 and extends it to the Mac. While Apple added push notification capability to Mac apps in its prior OS X update, in Mountain Lion the Notification Center makes notifications much more useful with built-in alerting and a centralized roll-up for messages you might have missed.


Last week we had our latest Free Friday, and I checked out the preview to see how Urban Airship’s iOS push capabilities worked with the new system. To my pleasant surprise, everything just worked. I was up and running from scratch in about an hour in Xcode, and I set up a few RSS feeds in the Urban Airship dashboard to alert my test app of breaking news.

This is one part of iOS that I'm glad to see arrive on the desktop, and I’m excited to see how developers will use Notification Center and push notifications in Mountain Lion. Are you a developer with a Mac App Store app, or are you working on one? We'd love to know how you plan to use notifications!