Our Oregon Mobile Voter Guide Uses Location Messaging to Drive Deeper Engagement

Our Oregon, a coalition of Oregon’s equal rights, labor and conservation groups, has created a Mobile Voter Guide that combines Urban Airship’s new Location Messaging Service and Rich Push® technology to provide highly targeted news alerts, multimedia and voting recommendations on ballot measures. The group partnered with Winning Mark, a national political media firm, which leveraged its mobile voter guide platform to build the app and connect Oregon voters with organizations working to protect Oregon’s future. Voters can use the app to browse by organization to see how they stand on ballot measures, or browse by ballot measures to see which ones groups stand for or against. The app uses Urban Airship’s new Location Messaging Service to deliver election information relevant to each user's voting location, in addition to where they are right now. To enable this precision-targeted messaging, users can enter an address or allow the app to use their device’s location services. In addition, users can take action and spread the word directly from within the app by emailing, calling, tweeting or sharing on Facebook. Jeff Lennan, a Winning Mark partner and the product manager for the company’s mobile voter guide platform, explained that “Our Mobile Voter Guide platform goes far beyond existing advocacy models, mostly centered around zip codes and email lists, by delivering useful information to voters where they are when they need it based on precise information, including location. And after the election the platform will give citizens new tools to increase citizen participation in decisions that matter.”

Download the Our Oregon Mobile Voter Guide for iOS