Push Keeps Hockey Fans Raving for More

Most hockey fans got just what they wanted last night—more hockey—as the New Jersey Devils prevented a shut-out, winning game 4 in the Stanley Cup Final. In fact, hockey fans have been getting more of what they want all season long as more teams develop mobile apps and use push notifications to deliver real-time scores, stats, standings, news and exclusive video content. Just this season, the Washington Capitals app has grown its daily unique app users by 300%. With sports, the timeliness with which push notifications are sent and received is absolutely critical. A fan left in the dark about a power play score for even a few minutes is not getting the instant gratification that mobile users expect… they’ll miss out getting in on the wave happening on couches around the globe… the chance to poke fun at their friend who is a fan of the rivals… the money they just threw down on a side-bet with a friend who is watching the game live. Many teams are using Urban Airship’s high-performance push messaging service to ensure fans get push notifications with blazing speed. With the ability to send 100,000 pushes per second, mobile apps and push can offer deeper and more engaging experiences than ever possible; for example, offering instant replays or video profiles of scoring players to the palm of fans’ hands whether seated at the ice arenas or their local pub. Go check out the App Store or Google Play to see if your favorite team has caught on to the opportunity to serve its fans just what they want, whenever they want it. Check out the Capitals' preference center below to see how they ensure that every push is a Good Push.