Redbox Rolls Out The Red Carpet With Welcome Series For First Time Mobile Users

The entertainment industry is a fierce battleground for brands to remain relevant and reach new customers. But Redbox, America’s destination for new-release movies and video games, does just that with its mobile app.

Redbox brings mobile engagement to the forefront of its app by sending a welcome message, via push notification, to educate and onboard new users who just downloaded the app. Sent an hour after the app is opened for the first time, it prompts new users to sign up for an account by including a free rental code. The retailer also sends a second welcome message to encourage users to follow its other social platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram, for special content. This series of welcome messages helps the company combat what many others experience in the early days of an app download–around 80% of users defect after the first week.

By immediately acquainting and incenting new users through a series of welcome messages, Redbox improves redemption rates and builds long-term value with its users, increasing retention. Redbox also uses push notifications and a message center on a weekly basis to share new releases. Redbox sees huge redemption rates with its first welcome series. How huge?

Download the full case study to find out.