Reduce parking grief with Meter Maid

Meter Maid (iTunes download) watches your parking meter for you. Just set how much time is on your meter and receive a push notification before the meter expires — no need to keep checking your watch.

“When I started building Meter Maid, I just wanted to focus on building a great app with a great interface. I didn’t want to worry about the complexities of building and maintaining a whole backend infrastructure for push notifications. I found Urban Airship and it was a no brainer. I implemented the service in a few minutes, and saved myself months of work and headache. I couldn’t have built the app without them,” said Zach Waugh, lead developer for Meter Maid.

Meter maid also lets you save the GPS location of where you parked so you can always find your way back to your car. You can see the location on a map and even get directions to your car from your current location. The app was designed to be simple and as easy to use as possible. Featuring a beautiful and intuitive interface, you can set your parking meter with one hand in less than 10 seconds.