Rhapsody Unlocks Exponential Success Partnering with BandPage and Urban Airship

Subscription-based music streaming service Rhapsody has increased mobile app user engagement and retention by 50 percent since it began working with Urban Airship. Recently, Rhapsody partnered with BandPage to connect fans with their favorite artists and create new revenue streams for the company and musicians.

BandPage zeroed in on user-centric mobile data and created an algorithm to target band-specific content to the most relevant users. BandPage’s algorithm identified if users are “superfans” of particular bands versus just casual listeners, using this data to deliver offers to users’ favorite artists through Urban Airship’s mobile engagement platform. This experiment proved so successful that they plan to continue these campaigns and expand their offerings to better connect fans with bands — both in-person and in the app.

How successful? Massively successful. These fan-targeted notifications had click-through rates 50X higher than similarly targeted banner ads and 10X higher than Facebook ads.
These amazing results demonstrate the huge potential for using user-centric mobile data and its rich behavioral insight to create new revenue streams within the digital music world and beyond. Learn more by downloading the case study.