Rich Push™ Composer

Today we’re adding Rich Push™ Composer to all existing Pro and Premium accounts, as well as anyone who has signed up for our 45 day trial. Much like Push Composer, this new wizard allows you to build and preview Rich Push™ messages for your audience. Rich Push™ is a product that we’ve had available for quite some time via our API, but it’s always been missing a certain something on the front-end. That certain something was a user-friendly interface, which we proudly bring you today with this launch. We think you’ll agree.

The power of Rich Push™ is in its ability to bring the mobile web to your audience messaging, inside your app. Every Rich Push™ is a WebKit view, and carries with it all the flexibility of HTML5, CSS3, WebKit, forms, and myriad additional technologies. This power is now in your hands with the new composer. We’ve added a number of default styles to get you started, and threw in a few examples to spark your imagination. You can build and send coupons, create a form for voting, prompt for account signups, or any number of workflows – the sky is the limit. Much like an email marketing tool, you host all of your media assets like images and video, and we deliver the markup to your users with all the power of Urban Airship tags, aliases, and Push Notifications. See past messages sent, pickup where you left off with drafts, and duplicate a successful message for re-use, all in one easy to use wizard. Check out the video to see it in action.

Rich Push™ Composer is just the beginning of the interaction. After adding our Rich Push™ Inbox to your app with our embedded iOS library these messages will live on for each of your app’s audience members. The Inbox has full management control for your users, with read/un-read marks, and the ability to delete messages. Indeed if you use our Rich Push™ API, you can also manage their Inbox for them remotely. If you want to remove a time-sensitive message from their list, that capability is in your hands. App users will see beautiful rich HTML messages that overlay your app cleanly, and a familiar Inbox format. Customize the default look and feel to fit your app, or use our sample off the shelf. If your app demands a truly compelling user experience we’ve also built in a Javascript to Objective-C bridge into the iOS library. You can have dynamic Rich Push™ messages which take an action directly in your app, like taking your user directly to a In-app Purchase view.

We’re only scratching the surface of Rich Push™, and now with a full Composer you can see its power immediately. Sign up for a free trial today to get access to Rich Push™ Composer and let us know what you think!