SaaS Means We’re Shipping All the Time…And Now We’re Telling You About It

We're excited to roll out our new Monthly Release Notes process, to better ensure our customers understand all the minor enhancements and production improvements we're making all the time. What's new here isn't that we're continually improving our platform and rolling out new features, it's that we're telling you about it in a consistent, easy-to-digest format that makes it easy for you to track what's new and maybe learn about things you might have missed.
You’ll continue to see major market releases from us, done with much fanfare (and communication to you) on a regular quarterly-like basis, but Monthly Release Notes will cover everything in between.
So, without further ado, check out January's release notes including a new Audience Report and other enhancements. Also, please sign up for the Developer Blog’s RSS feed as we’ll continue to post important notices laser-focused on tips and updates on using Urban Airship’s products.