Speeding Up Bookings with Push Notifications

Airbnb’s host and renter marketplace offers its services in 192 countries and 19,000 cities and aims to compete with the immediacy of other travel service sites that offer online hotel and travel bookings. By offering in-home stays, be it a spare room or full house, Airbnb puts an unusual and cost-effective experience in travelers’ hands.

Airbnb needed a solution that would allow for real-time communication between renter
 and host, as many don’t want to have to wait days trading correspondences back and forth.
 Email inquiries required users to check frequently for updates, resulting in many rental requests being left unanswered, and an international SMS solution included costs of up to 30 cents per message. Airbnb decided that Urban Airship’s push notifications would be the most effective way to communicate with its users, instantly alerting owners to any interest in their property and informing travelers that a response to their inquiry was available.

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