Summer of Push Week 11 Roundup

While Labor Day weekend had us busy planning for camping trips to the beach and outdoor backyard barbecues, our eleventh week of the Summer of Push hummed along with helpful mobile insights, tips and spotlights. To keep you updated during your summer fun, we’ve packaged up another weekly roundup featuring daily highlights. Does the holiday season already have you singing carols? We detailed the importance of planning ahead for the holiday boost of app downloads and user engagement. To understand the variance between email and push messaging, we explained when and how to use your customer communication tools and then highlighted ways to use push messaging to retarget email non-responders. 

Monday  Push vs Email   Seamlessly integrating push messaging and email within your marketing campaigns is critical for success. But while we’ve found that email is useful to serve large doses of content that can be perused at your customer’s convenience, immediate calls-to-action are missed. Instead of email, learn how and when to use push to deliver urgent, action-oriented messages. 

Tuesday  Bet big with push As the largest and most successful bookie in the UK, Paddy Power keeps bets rolling in with Good Push practices. The bookmaker uses push messaging to engage mobile users with location segmentation, reclaim previously inactive gamers with high-touch contact and stay ahead of the competition with immediate action. The stakes are high—but Paddy Power is winning big.

Wednesday Holiday app craze  While it can be hard to think about December in middle of August, in our four years of leading the charge in mobile messaging, we’ve learned that it’s critical to start thinking about the holiday ripple effect on app downloads now. In fact, Marketing Pilgrim recorded that last December 25th, there were 328 million app downloads, as compared to the monthly average of 155 million per day. Plan ahead and it will be a win-win for both your marketing team and customers. 

Thursday  Retarget with push  With last-minute camping trips and excursions taking priority, our hiatus from laptops can cause a massive pile-up in our email inboxes. Even your most loyal customers who want to hear from you can miss valuable calls-to-action as message get buried further and hidden amongst email spam. Learn how to reengage potential purchasers by sending time-sensitive deals with targeted push notifications. 

Friday By the numbers Smartphone use around the world isn’t just growing—it’s exploding. Check out our infographic that highlights the industry’s most jaw-dropping and newest stats that prove mobile engagement is more critical than ever.