Supiki Offers Conversation to Those Learning English

You can try to learn a language – but how proficient will you get if you’re never able to have a real conversation?

LinguaComm is pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology, giving a glimpse of what incredible opportunities lie ahead. Supiki, its new iPhone app, gives users the ability to practice speaking English through dynamic conversations that use contextual logic and speech recognition to produce realistic interactive dialogues. If you saw someone using Supiki, you might not realize that that they were practicing English conversation.  It looks and feels very natural and it’s not embarrassing to use in public.

Supiki keeps its lessons interesting by structuring its educational content around soap opera style episodes with evolving characters and storylines. These episodes are offered through Urban Airship’s In-App Purchase, giving English-learners a pay-as-you-go model that is easily accessible at users’ convenience. Each episode offers users the opportunity to have unscripted conversations about specific topics.  Because users are free to say anything they want, Supiki encourages them to develop real conversational skills.

Download Supiki for iOS.