Tags and Scheduled Notifications, Sign-ups open

In anticipation of iPhoneDevCamp this weekend, we’re announcing two new features and to letting folks know we’ve opened up sign-ups for Urban Airship Push to any and everyone interested.

Tags and Scheduled Notifications

We are really lucky to have the users that we do. They give us the best ideas and we try to move as quickly as we can to implement them. With that in mind, we give you tags and scheduled notifications.

Device tagging allows you to automatically group and send messages to large numbers of users with fewer and smaller API calls. Our first customer for this, Forkfly will be using this to tag devices with the users “home” zip code. When they want to send a notification to everyone in a certain zip code, they can just make one API call with the message they want to push and we do the rest.

We’ve had a lot of people ask for scheduled notifications and the team has been burning the midnight oil to get it in there for iPhoneDevCamp. Scheduled notifications work exactly like our other notifications only you append a time and date you want the notification to be sent.

Both of these features are live today (see the docs for information on how to implement).

Sign-ups open and a call to all users

In addition to launching tags and scheduled notifications, we’ve now opened up sign-ups to anyone. Head on over and get started today and don’t forget that all notifications sent during development are free!

Are you one of the over 100+ users using our push notification services already? Doing anything fancy/fun/cool (planned or otherwise)? Let us know! We’re always looking for ways to share with our other users how people are using our services.

We look forward to seeing you at iPhoneDevCamp and remember we’ll be available all weekend to help you get push notifications integrated in your applications!