Take a push-enabled rollercoaster ride with Ziconic’s AirCoaster 3D

Like roller coasters?  Like building your own roller coasters?  Like building your own roller coasters and sharing them with a passionate community?  Oh, we have a fantastic app for you.ac-big

AirCoaster (iTunes Link) is a unique roller coaster social game designed specifically for the iPhone/iPod touch (you may have heard of it on TechCrunch, Gizmodo, or The New York Times Economix Blog). Users can create and ride their own roller coaster tracks and share them online with other AirCoaster users.

But what’s the use in creating a bunch of cool rides if you can’t share them with friends?

That’s why Ziconic, the makers of AirCoaster, recently released an update that includes push notifications powered by Urban Airship.

Ziconic’s Kuan Yong had these kind words about Urban Airship: “Integrating with Urban Airship’s push notifications API was completely straightforward and painless. Offering push notifications goes a very long way toward increasing user engagement on any iPhone app, and Urban Airship’s simple-to-use API puts this powerful feature in the hands of any iPhone app developer, big or small.”