Take Your Travel App on the Journey from Good to Great

It’s official: 81% of today’s travellers carry a smartphone, and mobile behaviors rule the travel world. If you're in the travel industry, you'll want to check out our new Travel Whitepaper as a helpful resource to learn about your customers’ pain points, what they want, and how to meet their needs.

While every brand’s situation is unique there are a number improvements that can be achieved by learning from a multitude of use cases, strategies, tactics, facts, and figures to boost mobile engagement.

For instance, people have a different set of digital expectations from a pre-travel mindset than when they are arriving at their destination. Sending a personalized message telling someone their plane is delayed is an up-front value, while using their location and interest preferences to send a deal from a local retail partner in that city can be a value-add once they have arrived.


Identifying the mobile moments in your user’s lives will help your brand go from good to great and discover the right ways to win over your app users. By designing or tweaking your mobile engagement experience, your options are greater than ever.  High performing travel apps have some of the highest engagement rates of all industries we examined, and the opportunities are clear.

What is not immediately clear is your travel app’s own journey. Should your brand add in location-based hardware such as iBeacons, or use in-app messaging combined with a mobile wallet loyalty programThe Travel Whitepaper features these hallmarks of winning mobile app strategies, including user-centric guidance around content, location targeting, notifications, cross-channel integration and more. Download it and refine your app today.