Taking the Helm of the Airship

I’m so excited to begin this journey with Airshippers, our customers, and the industry at-large. Mobile is on everyone’s mind and I’ve been driving a “mobile first” POV since 2010. That’s when we began mobilizing Citrix Online’s business starting with the first generation iPad and quickly spreading within a few short years to all mobile devices across its 13 products and major markets. Today you wouldn’t think twice about accessing your desktop or holding a Skype call from your mobile device. Not true in 2010, when we debated the value of consuming scarce development and deployment resources—simply because we weren’t sure how users would react and respond to the notion of a mobile online meeting or remote session. Clearly, it was a good decision! 

This year marks the arrival of the mobile majority by every measure. Mobile apps account for 86% of the time consumers spend using their devices. Their total mobile time now rivals the amount they watch TV—an 80-year old industry. Mobile is creating a brand new set of behaviors, expectations, and experiences. You don’t (really) need anyone to tell you this…simply look around and watch your own behavior. Mobile and life go together like “peas and carrots” to quote Forest Gump.

We’re seeing brand new device formats emerge with wearables, interaction with the Internet of Things is becoming mainstream, and iBeacons have captured widespread intrigue evidenced by pilot deployments. It’s early days, and mobile is poised to be the remote control for our lives and our gateway to effortless experiences that are relevant, valuable, personalized and contextual.

So yes! I’m excited. I’m excited by the industry, the opportunity for Urban Airship, and for our ability to impact our customers’ business. Only Urban Airship has the reach to deliver experiences to the hands of billions of consumers. The team has been at mobile engagement’s frontlines since the beginning—driving technical innovations and industry-first consumer experiences—offering a wealth of know-how and best practices to help guide our customers down the right path.

My goal as CEO is to accelerate our growth and scale the business globally. We have a tremendous opportunity to expand and be side by side with our customers in order to maximize their success. My experience as president of Citrix Online allowed me to grow the SaaS business from $40M to $600M and from 225 employees to 2000. I believe Urban Airship has the same growth potential and an even bigger market opportunity! Forrester Research says firms will spend $189 billion between now and 2017 to engineer platforms and processes for mobile engagement, pegging mobile systems of engagement as a $32.4B market by 2018.

Urban Airship has hundreds of some of the largest brands and most well known mobile innovators as customers that have validated our dedicated approach to mobile and the expertise it delivers to navigate mobile’s seismic shift, power their mobile-first initiatives and maximize their success. My job is to lead and focus our resources on understanding and delivering on our customers’ future needs to better serve them and deliver more value—every day.

I welcome your thoughts as we chart the course ahead. You can reach me anytime @ brett.caine@urbanairship.com.